Shadow Era has lost one of the most vocal and influential members of the community, Caitlyn0.

Her contributions to the game for the past 5 years have been numerous, everything from discussing balance changes, being a big collector of physical cards, Telegram chat rooms, organizing epic tournaments, and always being active in the community. She will be greatly missed, but live on forever in the game she helped create.

RIP Caitlyn!

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"It is truly a black day in Balor. Did you hear the wolves howl and cry in the night, did you notice the rain a bit colder? The beasts and horrors retreated to their lairs before answering the call and all the humans bowed their heads in reflection and contemplation.

They are all here now, gathered in an ever growing circle for one time and one purpose, they all stare into the bonfire, some heads bowed, tears from those who are able. Eladwen stands with Ter Adun, Boris with Majya. Victor rests his arm on Banebow's shoulder, Amber and Gwen gently stroke the Wulven heroes fur, to calm them as they have lost much. Gravebone's ability has no power here and he weeps at his impotence.

All the heroes of Balor have come with all their allies and armies. There will be no fight tonight, no feast, no victory. They all know the loss and come to pay their respects for the passing of a Queen."

— The Gathering —